Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA Recommends the following guidelines for any one buying or selling a home who wants to know about Radon.

  • Testing your home for Radon: Radon is radioactive gas that has been linked to lung cancer. Testing your home from this gas ensure the safety of your self and your family.

  • As the buyer: If you are thinking of buying a home, you may either decide to accept the test results from the seller, or ask the seller to perform another test, or you may ask for a new test to be conducted by an EPA listed or state certified Radon tester. See EPA Guidelines for Radon testing checklist.

  • As the Seller: If you have already tested for Radon, provide your test results to the buyer. Review the testing checklist to ensure that the testing was done correctly. Regardless of what kind of test performed, a potential buyer ask for a new test especially if:

    1. Test and checklist items not met
    2. Renovated or altered your home since you tested
    3. The buyer plans to live in a lower level of the house, basement
    4. Your state requires disclosure of Radon information to buyers.

  • As the Seller: Houses not tested for Radon, have test performed as soon as possible, if possible, test before putting the house on the market, time saved during real estate transactions. Test the lowest level of the house. You may seek decisions making assistance from a state or local Radon official or an EPA listed or state certified Radon tester.

  • Newly Built homes: New built homes may be constructed with Radon resistant features that minimized Radon entry and allow easier fixing of Radon problem that may occur later. These features are less expensive if installed during construction. Some states, counties and local jurisdictions may adopt radon resistant construction codes, which builders must follow. Buyer of custom built homes should discuss Radon resistant features with the builder, including the cost. Occupants of newly constructed homes should have their homes tested for Radon. Long-term test will provide a reading that is more representative of the home's year round average Radon level. Short term Radon test may be used to determine if elevated Radon levels exist.

  • Getting Reliable Radon Test Results: You can not see or smell Radon, special equipment is needed to detect it. You may purchase Radon devices in retail stores, purchase Radon devices from laboratories, or hire an EPA listed or state certified Radon tester, who will test using Radon devices that are appropriated for the situation.

Link to Radon Device/Testing Information


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