Frequently Asked Questions About Radon

  1. Are radon levels something I really need to be concerned with?
  2. What is it about radon that makes it harmful?
  3. What elements of the environment contain radon?
  4. How does radon move around?
  5. What is the most accurate way to measure radon levels?
  6. Is it a good idea to do both short and long-term tests?
  7. What does pCi/L mean?
  8. Are radon levels affected by the ventilation in my house?
  9. What levels of radon are safe?
  10. What levels of radon are acceptable?
  11. Can anything be done to reduce the hazard associated with radon?
  12. Who can mitigate my radon problem?
  13. Does the age of my house affect the radon level?
  14. Why are radon levels in my home "high" while those in my neighbor's home are "low?"
  15. Are there areas where radon is likely to be high?
  16. Are there any other health effects with radon?
  17. Is radon-related lung cancer fatal?
  18. How Does Radon Enter A Home?



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